1. Attractions & Culture
    Experience the art, culture and Olympic heritage of Lillehammer and Gudbrandsdalen. Maihaugen open-air museum and the arenas from the 1994 Winter Olympics are popular attractions.

Welcome to Lillehammer and Gudbrandsdalen

  1. Would you like to experience something fun and exciting this summer? Bring your family and friends to Hunderfossen Family Park in Lillehammer for a day of relaxation, joy and amusement.
    1. Saturday, 19th May 2018Monday, 21st May 2018
    2. Saturday, 2nd June 2018Sunday, 10th June 2018
    3. Tuesday, 12th June 2018Sunday, 17th June 2018
    4. Tuesday, 19th June 2018Friday, 22nd June 2018
    5. Saturday, 23rd June 2018Sunday, 12th August 2018
    6. Tuesday, 2nd October 2018Sunday, 7th October 2018
    7. Saturday, 29th September 2018
    8. Monday, 13th August 2018Sunday, 19th August 2018
    9. Saturday, 25th August 2018Sunday, 2nd September 2018
  2. Man and woman in old costumes by a wooden fence in front of old timber houses at the open-air museum Maihaugen in Lillehammer in Norway.
    Maihaugen at Lillehammer is one of the largest open air museums in Norway. Here you find Norwegian homes from various periods, exhibitions, wandring theatre, a fine museum shop, café and varied programmes.
    1. Friday, 1st June 2018Friday, 31st August 2018
    2. Friday, 1st September 2017Monday, 30th April 2018
    3. Wednesday, 2nd May 2018Wednesday, 16th May 2018
    4. Friday, 18th May 2018Thursday, 31st May 2018
  3. In the Gudbrandsdalen valley, one hour north of Lillehammer, Henrik Ibsen’s drama "Peer Gynt" is celebrated in one of Norway’s leading cultural festivals
    1. Friday, 3rd August 2018Sunday, 12th August 2018
  4. "Skibladner" is the pride of inland Norway. Dating back to 1856, she is the world's oldest paddle steamer still in scheduled service. Every summer, she travels the vast of lake Mjøsa, and this venerable old lady is a welcome sight for people in the villages and towns around Mjøsa.
    1. Tuesday, 26th June 2018Sunday, 19th August 2018