Kayaking in Espedalen
  • Kayaking in Espedalen
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  • Kayaking in Espedalen
  • Kayaking in Espedalen
  • Kayaking in Espedalen

Boat rental at Strand Fjellstue


Guide Prices

Ticket TypeTicket Tariff
Rowing boatNOK300.00 half day
RentNOK200.00 2 days
RentNOK2,800.00 1 week
RentNOK1,100.00 week-end
RentNOK800.00 2 days
RentNOK450.00 1 day
RentNOK300.00 half day
CanoeNOK2,100.00 1 week
CanoeNOK920.00 week-end
RentNOK300.00 week-end
CanoeNOK650.00 2 days
CanoeNOK200.00 half day
Rowing boatNOK1,150.00 week-end
Rowing boatNOK900.00 2 days
Rowing boatNOK550.00 1 day
Rowing boatNOK450.00 half day
Rowing boatNOK950.00 week-end
Rowing boatNOK700.00 2 days
Rowing boatNOK400.00 1 day
CanoeNOK350.00 1 day
RentNOK600.00 1 week

Note: Prices are a guide only and may change on a daily basis.

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Strandsetervegen 7
2658 Espedalen

Tel: +47 61 28 57 20

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