A child jumping on alpine skies at Spåtind Skisenter
  • A child jumping on alpine skies at Spåtind Skisenter
  • Newly prepped slope at Spåtind Skisenter
  • Girl riding alpine skiing at Spåtind Skisenter
  • Two people downhill skiing
  • Newly prepped slopes at Spåtind skisenter
  • Girl tubing at Spåtind
  • Alpine skier skiing off piste at Spåtind
  • A group of visitors at Spåtind Skisenter having a break in Spåtind Skisenter with a view towards snow covered mountains
  • Outside Grautbua a restaurant at Spåtind Skisenter

Spåtind skisenter


Spåtind Skisenter is a childs kingdom! 

Spåtind Skisenter is a playground for kids with many tree runs, powder runs and lots of natural kickers. Vi offer a tubing track and a diversity of park elements for the older and younger children. Recently we've built a natural park with natural elements, one of them is Norways single only "alpine-swing". In addition we offer more challanging and more demanding treeruns around the slopes. Spåtind Skisenter has everything to give your family a rememberable ski day

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  • activity run
  • tobogganing

Credit cards

  • Maestro
  • MasterCard
  • Visa


  • ski
  • sledge

Intended audience

  • Adults
  • Children
  • Family
  • Family with children
  • Youth

Nature and terrain

  • borders on a national park
  • high mountain plateau


  • easter
  • Winter
  • january
  • february
  • march
  • april
  • november
  • december
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c/o Spåtind Sport Hotel
2880 Nord-Torpa

Tel: 98418052


Spåtind Fjellstue, Synnfjell

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