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We have more than 30 years of experience with ski school. Our experienced ski instructors customize the instruction to your level and enable you to master skiing better and give you more skiing when you are on a trip!

Cross Country Beginner
We are based on you / you and your goal is to master the basic principles of cross-country skiing such as walking in the back, slowing down the slopes, basic kicking and sliding. You will probably need 2 lessons to feel the full control. Each lesson is private and the duration is 90 minutes.

Cross country skiing - Classical technique
Our private tuition is for those who want to try cross country skiing for the first time. We will give you the security and skills to control technology and equipment. If you have cross-country experience, our technical cross-country course gives you the opportunity to better utilize the classical technique and make more effective use of your forces. Talk to your instructor about your experience and goals. Each lesson is private and the duration is 90 minutes.

Cross country skiing - Skating
Skating is a graceful and euphoric alternative to the classic technique. At high speed you can take you faster on the trail network. With our introductory course, you as a beginner will be given the opportunity to learn the basic techniques. For those with skating experience, we can offer an extended course focusing on further development of the technique. Talk to your instructor about your experience and goals. Each lesson is private and the duration is 90 minutes.


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Nordsetervegen 1351
2618 Lillehammer

Tel: 99 43 70 00

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