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The Peer Gynt Trail




  • 1 day
  • several days


  • medium

Nature and terrain

  • forest
  • mountain


  • Summer
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2647 Sør-Fron

Tel: 61 28 18 00

Fax: 61 28 18 01


Peer Gynt Road, Gausdal

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  8. Dog Sleigh Riding, Gålå

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  9. Dog Sleigh Riding, Gålå

    Dog sleigh rides is a very exciting activity, which few of us have tried.

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  10. The Blåbærfjell–Triltåsen Round (8.5 km)

    Spectacular views of the mountains.

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  11. The Årstulen–Lauåsen Round (26 km)

    Excellent high-mountain trail!

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  12. The Gålåvatnet Round (15.6 km)

    The Gålåvatnet Round is a excellent trip whatever the weather conditions.

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  13. The Skeikampen Round (13 km)

    Beautiful trail leading from the forest to the high mountain and back. Excellent trip in…

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