Landsbyen Dokka
Dokka sentrum
Trade square in Dokka

Trade square in Dokka

Dokka village

  1. A child jumping on alpine skies at Spåtind Skisenter
    Spåtind Skisenter is a childs kingdom!
    1. Saturday, 21st December 2019Sunday, 5th April 2020
    2. Monday, 17th February 2020Sunday, 1st March 2020
    3. Monday, 6th April 2020Monday, 13th April 2020
    4. Monday, 10th February 2020Sunday, 16th February 2020
  2. 2 guests trying the Rail Tricycle Ride in Valdres
    Ever wanted to try cycling on rails? Then you should try a rail tricycle ride on the railway line Valdresbanen.
    1. Monday, 1st June 2020Thursday, 15th October 2020

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