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Lunkefjell (1012 moh) from Nordseter | 7km


The hike starts at Nordseter and goes up the gravel road past/behind the activity center (Nordseter Fjellpark). Follow T-marked trail marked “Lunkefjell” past the top of the ski lift at Nevra hotel. In the trail crossing higher up - follow sign marked Linkefjell slightly right towards the top (1012 masl.) When reaching the top you will get a wonderful panoramic view – all the way to Jotunheimen.

If you want a differnent rout on your way back, follow the trail marked Hornsjø over Høgfjellet (1002 masl.) to the trail crossing at Skjerketjerna. Turn sharp left on the trail marked Nordseter . The alternative hike is only 1 km longer.

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