Moose Safari at Øyerfjellet

A moose in the nature
  • A moose in the nature
  • Moose eating
  • elk cow with calf
  • Moose in the winter
  • A moose looking for food in the snow
Moose cow with twin calves


Towards midnight during the northern summer full of light we search for the moose (in Norwegian elg), “the King of the forests” in its natural habitat.

Suddenly a big bull is in front of us or a female with two calves. We take it easy, must not disturb the animals. Study and photographing them from reasonable distance. Learning the animals to know and their place in the ecological system.

Do join our national park guides:

-        The trip is not heavy, so everyone can join.

-        Rembember to bring warm clothes since the temperature drops at sunset

-        Bring camera and binoculars. We bring binoculars and telescopes.

-        Guiding in norwegian, english, german and dutch.

-        Coffe / tea served durring the activity. 

Booking untill 21:00 the day before.

Meeting point Cirkle K (Statoil) petrol station at Tingberg in Øyer municipality.





Opening Times

* Duration approx. 5 hours. As the sunset time will vary throughout the season, this will affect the start time of the activity.



  • 5 hours


  • Accessible for all
  • easy

Guide Prices

Ticket TypeTicket Tariff
MoosesafariNOK750.00 tickets

The price inkluder pick-up along the Segalstad bru - Lillehammer - Øyer

From NOK750.00

Get in touch

Tel: +47 41 67 76 72

2636 Øyer

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