Peer Gynt Farm Road
  • Peer Gynt Farm Road
  • Peer Gynt Farm Road

Per Gynt Farm Road


Peer Gynt Seterveg starts at Vinstra, by Sødorp. This trip across Østfjellet to Kvam offers a range of genuine Norwegian mountain “treats”. After a mere 2.5 km, you will find the Peer Gynt farm Hågå. According to legend, this was the home of the person on whom Ibsen modelled his Peer. This privately owned farm, comprising 18 old buildings, is open for overnight stays for parts of the year.

Fishing permits for the rivers and lakes along the route can be purchased at the toll station a few kilometres further up. The highest point is at Krøkla, 1109 m a.s.l., and offers stunning views towards both Rondane and Jotunheimen. This is also where you will find “Mjølbøla” – an area always covered in snow.

Along the way down from Krøkla are a number of idyllic mountain farms. By Toksesetra you will find a restored waterwheel in full operation, and at Kvamsnyseter you can enjoy the spectacular Jøråfossen waterfall. At Rondablikk Høyfjellshotell, there are breathtaking views of the Rondane mountains and lake Furusjøen.  A short detour to Hovde is strongly recommended. It is possible to walk around the lake, and a ferry service is also available. 

From Rondablikk, the route leads through the lush Veikledalen valley down to Kvam. You can then cross the river via the bridge and return to Vinstra along the back roads, or alternatively take the E6 to Vinstra and then continue along route 225 to Skåbu and Espedalen.

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