Family on a hike at Kvamsfjellet

Family on a hike at Kvamsfjellet

Cycling in Rondane

Kvamsfjellet | Rondablikk

  1. Cross Country Skiing
    Rondane National Park is a mountain area between the Gudbrandsdalen and Atndalen valleys. The area stretches from Ringebu in the south to Dovre in the north.
  2. Peer Gynt Farm Road
    Peer Gynt Seterveg starts at Vinstra, by Sødorp. This trip across Østfjellet to Kvam offers a range of genuine Norwegian mountain “treats”.
  3. View from Smuksjøseter
    The Troll Trail is a ski trail, which passes through miles of untouched nature from Rondane in the north, to Lillehammer in the south.