Biking at Venabygdsfjellet
Cross-Country Skiing at Venabygdsfjellet


  1. The stables at Venabu have offered mountain horseback riding for more than 25 years.
  2. Hiking in Rondane National Park
    Rondane National Park is a mountain area between the Gudbrandsdalen and Atndalen valleys. The area stretches from Ringebu in the south to Dovre in the north.
  3. Norwegian Scenic Routes | Rondane
    The Rondane National Tourist Route follows the border between the Rondane massif and a well-preserved cultural landscape.
  4. Spidsbergseter Skisenter har alpinmoro for hele familien!
  5. View from Smuksjøseter
    The Troll Trail is a ski trail, which passes through miles of untouched nature from Rondane in the north, to Lillehammer in the south.