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  • Sykkelutleie Kvitfjell
  • Sykkelutleie Kvitfjell


Kvitfjell and its surrounding areas offer extended and exciting biking and hiking opportunities.

Numerous new bicycle and walking routes in beautiful mountain scenery are available. You will find everything from easy country-road rides to challenging mountain biking, as well as spectacular trails and tracks ideal for walking. Beautiful spots to take a break are everywhere. Whether you prefer lakes, mountain farms, or stunning views – Kvitfjell has it all.

Trails, roads and signposting are continuously improved and updated to ensure agreement between maps and the Skeikampen, Gålå and Kvitfjell network.

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What's Nearby

  1. Vegskille: The Mammoth

    “Mammoth” by Linda Bakke is an exact recreation of a mammoth scull, but in double the…

    3.89 km away
  2. Tankeplass: Hovudet, Klokkeporten og Falkesteinen

    Hovudet, Klokkeporten and Falkesteinen are located at the lookout point Høgkleiva along…

    5.89 km away
  3. Ringebu Stave Church

    Ringebu Stave Church dates back to around 1220, and is one of the country’s 28 remaining…

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  1. Vegskille: The Dragon

    Ringebu Stave Church is the most visited attraction in Ringebu, and comprises the feature…

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  2. Ringebu Vicarage

    Ringebu Prestegard - a beautiful encounter with art, culture and history

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  3. " Mappa Mundi"

    Jumana Manna's Mappa Mundi at the Pilgrim Center and Oppland's millennial site…

    10.99 km away
  4. Skei Fjellkirke

    Skei Mountain Church is beautifully located between spruce forests by the foot of…

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  5. The Pilgrim centre in Gudbrandsdalen

    The pilgrim centre in Gudbrandsdalen provides information on routes, accommodation,…

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  6. The church at Sør-Fron

    Sør-Fron Church, a parish church at Hundorp in Sør-Fron, is described as the greatest…

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  7. Rudi Gard (cultural farm)

    Rudi Farm offers concerts, shows, exhibitions and catering, and is a working farm…

    18.18 km away
  8. Skulpturstopp: FLOKK (eng. HERD)

    Down a pleasant pathway and cross the road from Sygard Grytting, you find an…

    18.33 km away
  9. Vegskille: Oktagon

    With their installation at Harpefoss, Rintala Eggertsson architects would like to put the…

    19.52 km away
  10. Okulus | Harpefoss Kunstarena

    Okulus is walkway and architectural structure for contemporary art projects, designed by…

    19.83 km away
  11. Tankeplass: ANT

    ANT. is located at the lookout point Kløv along the Pilgrim Trail between Rindal in the…

    19.95 km away
  12. The Road

    "The Road" by Lars-Andreas Tovey Kristiansen consists of photographs of houses that were…

    20.02 km away
  13. Norwegian Scenic Route Rondane

    The Rondane National Tourist Route follows the border between the Rondane massif and a…

    25.30 km away
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