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Shortest way to Spåtind 1414 - 8,9 km t/r


Are you in Nord-Torpa you must experience this mountain. Synnfjellet is great, and here is the shortest way to the top.

Parking at the bridge.
Go over old concrete bridge and follow the path into the woods, keep right.
The gravel road towards Gammelsætra is just a few hundred meters away.
Follow this up the hill and keep left, through boom and see signs Spåtind on the right side.
From here there is a marked trail with red marks / ties to the bare mountain.

Steep climb the first 900 meters, excellent walking there.

Upstairs on the first mountain plateau is the good path you can follow all the way to Butterball Ponds where lunch can be enjoyed. It is set up great benches by the water under the auspices of Hugulia Velforening.

From there and up to the top, follow the good path, the top can be seen from afar.

Length of trip one way about 4,45km. 8,9km t / rt. About 600 meters from the parking lot to the top.

Good trip. :)



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  • children


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  • Children
  • Family with children

Nature and terrain

  • mountain
  • mountainous terrain


  • may
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