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    Experience the art, culture and Olympic heritage of Lillehammer and Gudbrandsdalen. Maihaugen open-air museum and the arenas from the 1994 Winter Olympics are popular attractions.

Welcome to Lillehammer and Gudbrandsdalen

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  1. Welcome to the Norwegian Season Start in Biathlon 2018!
    1. Friday, 23rd November 2018Sunday, 25th November 2018
  2. Welcome to the traditional December weekend of World Cup in the Olympic arenas in Lillehammer.
    1. Thursday, 29th November 2018Sunday, 2nd December 2018
    2. Thursday, 29th November 2018
    3. Thursday, 29th November 2018Sunday, 2nd December 2018
  3. Hunderfossen Snowhotel has capacity for up to 24 guests, and offers beautiful ice-decorated rooms for guests who search for the unique experience, also possible for groups to stay in hunderfossen Ice Cathedral.
    1. Sunday, 1st January 2017Sunday, 31st December 2017
    1. Friday, 8th February 2019Saturday, 9th February 2019
    2. Friday, 15th February 2019Saturday, 16th February 2019
    3. Tuesday, 19th February 2019Saturday, 23rd February 2019
    4. Wednesday, 27th February 2019Saturday, 2nd March 2019
  4. In Hafjell you can enjoy both great skiing conditions and have a pleasant skiing experience with your family.
    1. Saturday, 10th November 2018Sunday, 25th November 2018
    2. Saturday, 1st December 2018Monday, 22nd April 2019
    3. Monday, 24th December 2018
    4. Thursday, 3rd January 2019Thursday, 28th March 2019