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  1. Attractions & Culture
    Experience the art, culture and Olympic heritage of Lillehammer and Gudbrandsdalen. Maihaugen open-air museum and the arenas from the 1994 Winter Olympics are popular attractions.
  2.  Norges Olympiske Museum
    The Norwegian Olympic Museum is a top modern and exciting museum. Experience olympic history from ancient times to the present day. The museum is located at Maihaugen in Lillehammer.
    1. Friday, 12th June 2020Monday, 31st August 2020
    2. Tuesday, 1st September 2020Wednesday, 23rd December 2020
    3. Saturday, 26th December 2020Wednesday, 30th December 2020
    4. Wednesday, 1st January 2020Monday, 31st May 2021
  3. Garmo Stavkirke - Maihaugen
    Maihaugen offers activities and experiences for the whole family. Enjoy the idyllic surroundings of this great open-air museum and experience life like in the old days. A collection of more than 200 houses from as far back as the 12th century and until today, including the Garmo stave church.
    1. Tuesday, 1st June 2021Tuesday, 31st August 2021
    2. Tuesday, 1st September 2020Sunday, 27th September 2020
    3. Saturday, 26th December 2020Wednesday, 30th December 2020
    4. Saturday, 2nd January 2021Sunday, 21st February 2021
    5. Monday, 28th September 2020Sunday, 11th October 2020
    6. Monday, 12th October 2020Wednesday, 23rd December 2020
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    9. Tuesday, 9th March 2021Friday, 26th March 2021
    10. Tuesday, 6th April 2021Sunday, 30th May 2021
    11. Wednesday, 1st September 2021Sunday, 3rd October 2021
  4. Ready for action!
    The only bobsleigh and luge track in Scandinavia. Wheelbob available throughout the summer season.
    1. Saturday, 6th June 2020Saturday, 27th June 2020
    2. Wednesday, 1st July 2020Saturday, 8th August 2020
    3. Saturday, 15th August 2020Sunday, 27th September 2020
    4. Monday, 1st January 0001Friday, 31st December 9999
    5. Monday, 28th September 2020Sunday, 11th October 2020

Major events

Every year, the Lillehammer region plays host to everything from World Cups and other large spectator-based sports tournaments with up to 15 000 participants to cultural events of national and international interest. Read more about major events in Lillehammer and Gudbrandsdalen

  1. The historical Birken Ski Race (54km) is a unique race, with a track that takes you cross two mountains, through breathtaking sceneries.
    1. Saturday, 20th March 2021
  2. By a lake, between forests and steep mountains in the Gudbrandsdalen valley, you can experience Norways most famous folk tale in a spectacular outdoor theatre production. The dramatic poem "Peer Gynt" is staged all over the world, but it was here that Ibsen found his inspiration.
    1. Friday, 30th July 2021Sunday, 8th August 2021
  3. The Norwegian Festival of Literature is the largest of its kind in the Nordic countries, and the most important literary meeting place during springtime. At the end of May each year, literature fills the streets of Lillehammer. 6 days – 30 000 visitors – 400 writers and artists from all over the world!
    1. Friday, 29th May 2020Sunday, 31st May 2020